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--> Here a template for the design patterns (to be further detailed and categorised along R2.2 etc. ...):

<ID> <Name of the Design Pattern>
Problem <describe problem ...>
Context <describe context...>
Solution <describe solution...>
Code fragments <...>
Diagram <...>
Examples <...>
Rationale (references) <...>
Related patterns <...>

Now we add patterns. I'm also setting up a discussion forum so we can decide how we want to categorise patterns. My suggestions are there.

Might I also suggest that everyone changes their signature to "Full Name (Organisation)" (e.g., "Alex Russell (CC)") and try to use it where possible in all talk fora (i.e., like I have done in the wiki structure discussion page) by using the shorthand ~~~ for a simple name or ~~~~ for a timestamped signature.

If anyone wants to be an administrator, let me know and I'll change the user groups. Being an administrator will only really be useful for adding new people to the wiki, which can be done at the user login page (click 'create an account'), and making others into administrators, so it's not necessary to make everyone an administrator.

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