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Software developers sometimes face the fact, that they have to develop an application without having too much knowledge about devices, the application has to run on, and user groups, which will use the application. Furthermore, developing the same kind of application for different devices, and different kinds of users, is an huge effort, so that minorities are most often not taken into account.

The myUI tools provide the developer with a toolkit to easily develop a semantic user interface without having to consider about devices or user impairments. InteractionSituations (IS) are used to describe the application. The user will later provide the application model with his user profile and the device he uses. Taking the user profile and the device into accout, the Individualization Patterns in combination with the Device-specific Patterns will show, which Interaction Patterns must be used in this runtime of the application.

The order in which the patterns are executed is

  1. Device-specific Patterns
  2. Individualization Patterns
  3. Interaction Pattern

This Pattern Browser is the documentation of all used Design Patterns.

Some further informations (still in progress ...)

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