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Main Menu (IS=SelectService)

The "Main Menu" provides access to a lot of different available services and applications. It will be used in order to give the user the possibility to select between different services, which will all start a new application or at least new view.

3-1-1Main Menu – 4x4-Tile Style (Default).jpg

Functions Menu (IS=SelectFunction)

"Functions Menu" offers a set of functions to be triggered by the user. The functions menu will be used to offer activities which remain within the domain of the current available application. They will refer to the current context, which may be also displayed simultaneously on the screen

Functions menu group of buttons numeric navigation.jpg

Navigation Menu (IS=SelectGoTo)

"Navigation Menu" offers a set of navigation functions to be triggered by the user. The navigation menu will be used to offer activities extend the domain of the current available application, or link to other applications.

Navigation menu.jpg

Hierarchically Structured Menu (IS=EditValues)

"Hierarchically Structured Menu" offers a set of buttons which are hierarchically structured. There are several different options to display these buttons (e.g. vertically or horizontally).


Layout Elements

Title Bar (IS=MetaGoTo)

The "Title Bar" provides access to basic meta-navigation functions and provides orientation cues. Note: this IS will not be offered in the development toolkit, as it will be always available, or - e.g. in case of device specific requirements - not at all available.

Title bar.jpg

Functional Elements

List with Attributes (IS=SelectItemWithAttributes)

The List with Attributes is used in order to show a range of similar items. These items may also, but do not need to, be active (clickable). Within this interaction pattern, different lists not only for different user contexts, but also for different purposes are available.


Item with Attributes (IS=ViewItemWithAttributes)

"Item with Attributes" displays an information element (e.g. email, photo, song, news) together with related meta-data (e.g. sender, date, size (often together with SelectFunctions for manipuating the displayed item) attributes to be provided by developer, e.g. format of a database.


Form (IS=EditForm)

Form must be paramterized by developer:

requires UI elements as specified by the field types


Message Box for Confirmation (IS=ProvideFunctionConfirmation)

Show a message box for confirmation. This pattern will be used especcially for adaptation patterns

Message Box for Confirmation.jpg

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