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Device-specific Patterns transform primitive device features into the variables of a device profile. The device profile variables are required as an input to setting UI profile values by individualisation patterns.


Device Categorizing Patterns

Categorize Device

Which kind of device is used (e.g. iTV, mobile phone, ...)

Available Input Patterns

Available Microphone

Which microphone is available

Available Touch

Which touch is available

Available Pointing Device

Which pointing device is available

Available Keyboard

Which keyboard is available

Available Remote Control

Which rc is available

Available Camera

Which camera is available

Available Output Patterns

Available Speaker

Which speaker is available

Available Display

Which display is available

General Patterns

Layout Grid

These patterns define the segmentation of the screens.

Device Font Sizes

Within this pattern bundle, there are patterns for each available device. Within each pattern, all relevant font sizes for this device are defined

Device Interactive Element Sizes

These patterns define size for interactive elements on a special device

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