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A MyUI customization profile consists of variables which define the branding and style of the application. The variables of the customization profile include the following:

defines colour values for specific purposes such as background area, content control background, content control characters, function control background, function control characters, text colour, and title background.
defines the font style to be used. In MyUI, this variable is set to Verdana.
defines the location and file names of the icons to be used
defines the location and file names of the sounds to be used

As a default, a MyUI customization profile is available. The application developer can use this customization profile as a standard skin. He can also use it as a starting point to modify and save it under a different name. Customization profiles are created and modified by a developer during the development phase while using the MyUI development toolkit. The desired customization profile is referenced by the variable skin in the user interface profile. This variable (skin) determines which of the available customization profiles is selected during the stage of user interface parameterization. The selected customization profile cannot be changed for a running application during a single session.

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